Congratulation,we are happy to tell you that you have won :

"Apple iPhone X (iPhone 10) -  256GB Unlocked Space Grey 12M Warranty"

Today our website is celebrating its 10th anniversary and to share our joy with

people ,we decided that the first 10 visitors who enter our

website after

posting this will get the new iphone x .

Now you will ask yourself what I need to do to get my prize.

You have 2 options :

1- We will send your wining prize using Free shipping


2-We will send your wining prize using Custom shipping


the shipping cost is 30$.

If you decide option 1 please send an email to

"" with subject:

"Winner number 8785486 option 1" 

and a message containing your shipping info .

If you decide option 2 please go to this link and purchase a 30$

amazon gift card to recipient :""

and send an email to :


with subject: 

"Winner number 8785486 option 2" 

and a message containing your shipping info .

note: the free shipping option will take approximately 2-3


fedex shipping option will take 3-4 days.